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Millions of American’s will SURVIVE a Heart Attack Stroke or Cancer and CAN’T EARN INCOME!

Every 30 seconds = A new case of cancer is diagnosed3

Every 36 seconds = 1 heart attack1

Every 40 seconds = 1 stroke2

  • The cost of severe heart attack – including direct and indirect costs – is about $1 million.4
  • 60% of all bankruptcies are due to medical issues. Of those that filed for bankruptcy, nearly 80% had health insurance.5
  • One in four people with cancer delayed or turned down recommended care because of cost.6



We invite you to watch this brief video on this revolutionary product and benefit that an overwhelming majority of Life Insurance policy owners currently do not have but would switch to if it was offered to them.



  • Once the new insurance is understood, it is easy to see why traditional life insurance is obsolete.
“The new life insurance is efficient by providing a pool of money that can be used in case of a financial catastrophe caused by illness, disability, care needed for chronic illness, terminal illness, critical illness, retirement, and premature death.
It is also efficient because it provides a tool for the financial planner to cover a number of risks with one insurance policy and one premium.
Finally, new insurance is easier to sell. It is easier to convince a client to purchase one insurance policy and pay one premium than it is to attempt to sell four or five policies with four or five premiums.
As the economy has changed and the needs of the individual have changed, life insurance has changed to provide the protection necessary in the twenty-first century.”
(source: Financial Planning and the New Insurance California 2012 Continuing Education Course)


There is an amazing revolution in the Life Insurance Industry. The reality is that if the living benefits feature was better known or better explained, more people would buy a life insurance policy, not just for the death benefit, but for the Living Benefits in case you live… with a NO COST rider!

The odds are staggering the high percentage of all Americans will experience a heart attack, stroke or cancer by age 65 and over 25 million Americans will survive a heart attack, stroke or cancer this year!

Living Benefits and Indexed Products with protection from Downside Risk1 and Potential Tax Free Income2


Living benefits are a revolutionary innovation that offers your family benefits you can use while you are living…and it can be added onto an Index Universal Life policy at no additional cost! It’s a combined solution that can help protect your family’s plans for today and tomorrow.


worriedThe Situation of Many Families

  • Under protected and living with too much debt.
  • Not saving, or if they are, not clearly understanding why, or how much they need to hit their ultimate goal.
  • Often don’t have a strategy, or are not making enough money and are not sure what to do about it.

An Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy gives market protection and market potential all in one simple solution

1.Life Insurance Protection
2.Growth Potential
3.Index Account Options
4.Protection against downside risk*
5.Tax Advantages
6.Tax Free Access
7.Tax Deferred Earnings
8.Tax Free Loans & Withdrawals**
9.Tax Free Death Benefit


Our Crusade:

  • We need to share the insight and understanding that the wealthy have with every family we can reach.
  • Families must set goals and have a clear plan to reach them.
  • We are driven by our desire to help the American family get into a better, stronger financial situation.

We are committed to this vision, almost everyone needs this help.


Helping Find Solutions

FNAWe start the process by doing a personalized Financial Needs Analysis that takes a snapshot of a family’s current financial situation. We then make recommendations based on their goals and objectives allowing us to select the right products that best fit that family’s individual needs.

Virtual Financial Group’s Associates have access to some of the most respected companies in the industry today. This gives them access to a portfolio of leading-edge products designed to help families achieve financial independence.



Business, Auto, and Homeowner Insurance Solutions

Virtual Financial Group’s Associates – through a referral – can connect their clients to Bond Insurance’s suite of non-life insurance products. (VFG itself is not providing these services, but acts as a referral agent.)





Tax and/or legal advice not offered by Virtual Financial Group or its affiliated companies. Please consult with your personal tax professional or legal advisor for further guidance on tax or legal matters.

Many people have experienced different levels of success with Virtual Financial Group. However, individual member experiences may vary. This is not intended to, nor does it, represent that any current member’s individual results are representative of what all participants achieve when following the Virtual Financial Group system.

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*The main purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit.

**Policy loans and withdrawals are tax-free to the extent that they do not exceed the basis (generally, premiums paid less withdrawals) and that the policy does not lapse, is not surrendered and is not and does not become a modified endowment contract (MEC).

Loans & withdrawals will reduce the the policy value and death benefit. Loans are subject to interest charges. If a policy lapses while a loan is outstanding adverse tax consequences may result.

Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the insurer. Note that even though the interest credited to an Index Account Option may be affected by stock indexes, index universal life insurance policies are not an investment in the stock market or the indexes and do not participate directly in any stock or investment.

Please consult with and rely on your tax advisor regarding your particular situation.